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Welcome to the first wiki created for internet enigma buffcorrell. We hope that you enjoy what you read here and that you further engage with the buffcorrell community.

We have a community discord server for discussion regarding buffcorrell, as well as other stuff of similar nature, which you can join here.

Who is buffcorrell?Edit

Correll "BUFFDOG" Bufford, otherwise known as buffcorrell is an aspiring singer, dancer and fitness model who is best known for producing covers on his YouTube channel, "buffcorrell". He tends to produce between 3-5 covers per week of songs across many different genres. At the time of writing he has amassed a commendable 169 thousand subscribers. However, buffcorrell has also created or been involved in content far beyond this mere YouTube channel, and this wiki will serve as a gateway to the buffcorrell rabbit hole.

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Buffcorrell profile picture

The profile picture to Correll Bufford's popular YouTube channel "buffcorrell"

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